Simple pleasures: Blackberry pickin’


 ‘Tis the simple things that can make us smile. Post-MSc, I’ve found myself surrounded by Welsh countryside, with plenty of opportunities that cannot be missed. As the sun emerged from behind the morning’s rain-clouds, we wandered along a quiet lane. Less than five minutes gentle stroll away from the family home, brambles are in abundance and the shine of blackberries is everywhere. 

We set to collecting some of the ripest. 


Birdsong surrounded us while we picked, and though most remained out of sight high in the surrounding tree-tops, one bird wasn’t quite as shy. From atop fence-posts a safe distance away, a spotted flycatcher kept an eye on us.

Spotted Flycatcher
A spotted flycatcher keeps an eye on us while blackberry-picking.

 It didn’t take long for our container to be brimming with berries. And after dinner it also didn’t take us long to demolish the resulting apple and blackberry crumble!

So, today’s simple pleasures: fresh fruit from the surrounding countryside, and a fantastic crumble for dessert.




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