Wild-swimming Wales

Llyn Eidew Bach

Llyn Eidew Bach Afon Glaslyn estuary

A buzzard screeches overhead, the call as piercing as the cold of the water I immerse myself in. Llyn Eidew Bach, Little Ivy Lake. Nestled in the Rhinogs of western Wales, this tiny lake is idyllic. A quick swim in cold waters a fitting end to the short, picturesque hike through the hills, with views overlooking the estuary of Afon Glaslyn, and Tremadog Bay.

Llyn Idwal

Llyn Idwal path
Llyn Idwal

Scree slopes loom above, and a waterfall makes its spectacular journey down a nearby cliff face. Llyn Idwal in Snowdonia is a stunning location, with clear waters and trout breaking the surface just off shore. In summer large shoals of tiny juveniles zip around the shallows, darting away from the feet of paddlers and splashing children. The short walk to the lake too is beautiful, with glimpses of the larger Llyn Ogwen along the valley to the east.


Blue Lake, Fairbourne

Blue Lake, Fairbourne

A gentle climb from just outside Fairbourne brings you to an old quarry site. A tunnel sits before you, the entrance dark and inviting. As you emerge into the light on the other side, the breathtaking blue of the water before you could almost be from another world, or at the very least from somewhere significantly more tropical than Gwynedd. The famous Blue Lake. A second branch of the path winds round into the hills, and to views of the distant Abermaw estuary. It also leads to a view of the beautiful blue waters of the lake from on high.

Just three locations in Wales from many potential wild swims around the UK. In each, the water is cold and refreshing, the surrounding scenery a feast for the eyes. Swimming in fresh waters in the mountains of Wales is an invigorating experience, and one that is highly recommended if you ever find yourself nearby.

Let me know what you think of these locations, and feel free to share any other wild-swimming gems you’ve discovered!


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